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FISICOLOGÍA. Luis Garay (2013)

FISICOLOGIA is an installation/garden/dance piece made up by 11 inner situations. These situations work as micro choreographies, or GIFS. Like digital loops, that all together compose a landscape that is at the same time fictional and hyper real. Although it has also been performed in the inside of the Museum space, this work is to be performed at open air spaces during the last 55 minutes of the sunset.


Ines Katzentein

Dispersed in the artificial geography of the Museum of Memory, a group of dancers, performers, find themselves intertwined with useless extensions and prostheses. Surprise requires a choreography of foolish movements in a state of perplexity and self-estrangement. Is this transformation of bodies into sculptures a symbol of oppression? Garay, former "choreographer", proposes to plant the topography of the park with body ceremonies where what is in the game is the discovery of the body itself, which appeals to images of physical submission, and at the same time to a praise of eccentricity and difference.

Museum of Memory, Buenos Aires.
Curators: Ines Katzenstein and Javier Villa.
Performers: Matias Maroevic, Vero Jordán, Florencia Vecino, Marcela Botti, Leandro Barzabal, Cristian Jensen, Ramiro Cortez,Franco Bertolucci, Luis Garay, Alejo Amadeo, Jackie Ludueña Kozlovitch. Assistance: Gabriel Bergonzi.
Video: Ivo Aichenbaum
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