luis garay
actividad mental
the divine comedy
la tierra tendrá dos soles
What are the adaptive resources that we continually create to deal with aesthetics that move away from presence into disappearance?

This process is carried via web, reshaping our idea of "test" and "closeness" rethinking experimental procedures. In EPCDI we deal with the idea of ​​distance, not as failure, but as a place of dizzying approximation. A device that works on " live translations" as a mean to effectuate a space of proximity in the different.

Luis Garay y Alejandro Ahmed.
EPCDI (2011-2012)
Estudio para Certezas de Incompletud
Alejandro Ahmed Cena11 Br / Luis Garay Arg.

premier 2013
Performers: Mariana Romagnani, Alejandro Ahmed, Luis Garay y Florencia Vecino. Programación de Video: Roberto Freitas
Dirección: Alejandro Ahmed y Luis Garay.
Con el apoyo de Iberescena
under de sí
ciencia y fricción